Around 4 pm on Sunday, emergency responders arrived at Minnesota avenue after yet another shooting. 16-year-old Kyierah Jeffries from eureka high school was found struggling to remain conscious as a result of a fatal gunshot wound to her abdomen. After being transported to a local hospital, she, unfortunately, passed from her injuries.

On Sunday, authorities responded to several calls regarding a large gathering of juveniles at Kiener Plaza and another report of a shooting. Although no one was injured, the suspects remain unidentified. To reinstate safety precautions for downtown violence, St. Louis public safety officials are urging families to keep adolescents from congregating unsupervised past curfew.

Public safety director Dr. Dan Isom commented that disruptive activity stretches police presence too thin to effectively address serious crime.

It takes effort from all parties to make a difference. Remind your young loved ones to be safe and stay home. Stay safe STL.