One of the owners of Lefty’s Fried Rice attended the Dining With Darius Cooks dinner event. On a previous livestream which is no longer available she began to have issues.

Allegedly she suffered a form viral gastroenteritis due to undercooked chicken. In that deleted video, she appeared to be vomiting because of the undercooked chicken.

Additionally, people that was attending the event mentioned that the chicken that was served didn’t have a bone in it because it was chicken breast in the salad.

Darius Cooks took to social media to address the allegations and defended his food stating the cold food was cold and the hot food was hot. While Darius Cooks was live-streaming, that owner came back to the Air B&B to apologize but Darius Cooks refused to talk to her and further went on to say why make a scene and try to back peddle with an apology…..

Darius Cooks showed several screenshots of where Lefty’s Fried Rice posted pictures with his chef’s and now couldn’t understand why the energy had changed. He also posted a screenshot of that owner stating, “I am going to review the reviewer.”

Since then Lefty’s Fried Rice has released a statement.

We’re hoping that she’s okay and everything will be handled appropriately.