RSTLNβ€”β€”- A man suffers a gunshot wound trying to prevent thieves from stealing his bag in Downtown St Louis.

A man gets shot in Downtown St. Louis while struggling to recover his book bag back from thieves. According to police the 25 year-old male victim told them that he had received a notification from his bank about suspicious activity on his debit card which he found was being used at a nearby Shell gas station on North Tucker slightly before midnight. Around this time is also when he noticed that his car had been broken into and his bookbag was missing. He went to the gas station.

Once he got to the business the victim said he saw a man wearing his backpack while pumping gas into a white four-door sedan. When the victim confronted the suspect, things escalated, and an argument began. During the verbal altercation, the suspect pulled a gun from his waistband and shot the victim in the arm. The victim was taken to an area Hospital and is in stable condition, the suspect fled the scene after the shooting.