Robert Merkle, age 53, is being charged with Harassment 1st Degree, which is a Class E Felony. This case was brought to us by the Town and Country Police Department.

Because of his past convictions and other allegations that have been brought to this office and reported in the media, I have reason to believe there is law enforcement value in announcing the charge we have filed against him and encouraging any other possible victims to come forward.

There is a pattern to the allegations and past convictions of this defendant. After a brief dating period, one date, or even a chance encounter where he obtains the victim’s phone number, he sends the victim threatening messages that may include rape fantasies or threats of rape.

This is criminal behavior, and if you have been victimized by it, please contact your local law enforcement or this office.

Note: The court set bond for Merkle at $75,000 cash-only no 10%. The court also ordered that he possess no electronic devices capable of accessing the internet.

The range of punishment for a class E felony is 1 to 4 years in prison; or up to 1 year in jail; or a fine of up to $10,000; or by both imprisonment and a fine.