August 5, 2021, a resident stepped outside to find a horrific discovery. A noose was hanging in her yard. Although she isn’t African American she recently hired an African American contractor to do work on her house. Despite being Asian she elaborated that minorities in the neighborhood face harassment daily.

She took to social media to voice her concern regarding the incident

“I am disgusted but not surprised.

No matter how many “Black Lives Matter” signs there are in my neighbors yards (this house is in Benton Park, by the way), it does not change the hostility and harassment that me and other people of color, especially Black residents and business owners, face on a regular basis in this “progressive” neighborhood led by a “progressive” alderman.

I’ve been quiet and diplomatic up until this point but rest assured that these people have f**ked with the wrong person. I will use every outlet and every resource I have to blow this wide open and expose EVERYONE who is responsible.

I don’t like organizing on facebook so if you’re down to join me, then shoot me a dm with your email address and phone number if I don’t already have it.

I especially need white neighbors in the 9th ward to show up and take action with me. Now is your chance to actually put your money where your mouth is. “