The hood is changing for the better just make sure you’re involved. Ordinance Number 71115 was approved on December 6, 2019, but the incentive launched this year on March 6th.

What exactly is ordinance number 71115? A plan to rebuild Martin Luther King Blvd. The purposed redevelopment area includes a 1.2-mile section of MLK totaling 39.4 acres and across 21 blocks.
St. Louis city Land Clearance for Redevelopment Area also known as LCRA is now accepting bids to purchase commercial properties in the Goodfellow Wells and Hamilton Heights neighborhood.

The properties start from the 5300 block of Martin Luther King Blvd to the 6100 block of Martin Luther King Blvd. There is no deadline for proposals but there are a few stipulations. Before purchasing the property(s) you must present 20% of your construction documents and also enter into a 24-month redevelopment agreement with the LCRA to have the project complete. If you have any questions you can send an email to Dale Ruthsatz at

Be a part of the change and create the solutions.
For more information on the this ordinance visit the link provided