1,648,627 has been awarded to the Substance Abuse and Mental health department. The funds will be used for an early 9-1-1 diversion for individuals with serious mental illness and disorders. Undiagnosed mental trauma often leads to a perpetual cycle of crime. This is a new incentive to help curve the violence the city is faced with. A program is known as the Law Enforcement and Behavioral Health Partnership STL CARE ( Community Assessment and Referral for Enduring Stability ) program will help provide training in trauma-informed response, Mental Health First Aid for Public Safety, and Veterans Crisis Intervention Teams to law enforcement officers.

This program will also work with the city’s housing and homelessness initiative to promote the health and wellness of individuals with SMI/COD whose conditions are amplified by homelessness. Hopefully, we start to see changes soon as we’re standing behind the new changes.