A newborn baby girl had to have thirteen sutures immediately after birth in order to close a wound to her left cheek in a shocking C-section error.

The family of baby Kyanni Williams have shared some shocking images of their new arrival who was cut across her left cheek during the procedure at Denver Health, located in Denver, CO.

According to the child’s parents, Damarqus and Reazjhana Williams, the plan had been to deliver Kyanni naturally as doctors had given the mother a pill to speed up her labor on Wednesday.
But within minutes Reazjhana was rushed into surgery to undergo an emergency caesarean.

Once Kyanni was born, their excitement quickly turned to heartbreak once they saw that their newborn had a huge gash across her face.

Doctors stated that the baby’s face was very close to the placenta and that is how the cut happened.

The family are now demanding that the surgeons be held accountable for the baby’s injuries.