When a 26-year-old man got kicked out of Bomber O’Brien’s Sports Bar in St. Louis, he should have just gone home.

Instead, authorities say William C. Warden went on a rampage and killed the bar owner. Warden allegedly responded to getting the boot by starting a fight in the parking lot, breaking a man’s orbital bone, getting into his car with some friends, and intentionally driving it onto the sidewalk, hitting bar owner James Wors, 54.

Police say Warden proceeded to run Wors over after driving 50 feet with him on the hood. Wors died from his injuries, while another man who was struck survived.

Warden fled, but was eventually found and charged with first-degree murder, first-degree assault, two counts of armed criminal action, and third-degree felony assault.

Four other people were arrested in connection with the incident, and police are looking for three more. (Contributing Source: Daily Beast)

Photo Credit: Bomber O’Briens Sports Bar