What’s going on in Hillvale Apartments? It hasn’t been a month and residents are still pleading for help. This will be the third time we have featured Hillvale Apartments and unfortunately, things have gotten worse. Deplorable living conditions, drugs, and how can we forget about the crime. Are these people being neglected? One of our followers reached out to us and we were horrified when she sent us a video of mice running through her house. She called and complained but as we mentioned previously nothing has changed. Another resident reached out to us out of desperation after her children begin to fall ill from mold and sewage.

Why are they continuing to receive money from HUD and can’t even provide residents reasonable and safe housing? Recently RSTLNS went to a shooting at the apartments and a woman expressed to us how tired she was of the violence. The majority of the residents in the apartments are single mothers. Being exposed to these conditions will lead to PTSD often undiagnosed ultimately leading to a perpetual cycle of crime and poverty. Community these people need help and this platform was made for the people. We can no longer accept this.!

We will reach out to the local authorities to try to resolve the issues.

We will keep the community updated as the story unfolds.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development