High speed chase resulting in a motor vehicle accident takes the life of an innocent man.
The accident occurred in the 3900 block of Evans at the intersection of Vandeventer.
The victim was traveling East on Evans. After stopping at the stop sign he proceeded into the Vandeventer traffic.

Meanwhile the police were in a high speed chase of a stolen car that came off of Page Blvd and headed north on Vandeventer. The burgundy ford Tboned the Silver Chevy pickup truck driven by the victim. Striking at a high speed. Hard enough that eye witnesses said the truck was airborne, landing on the roof of a vacant house, sliding to the ground while on fire.

The victimโ€™s vehicle

Police involved in the chase pull the man from the burning vehicle just in time as it exploded.
Witnesses indicated that police lights and sirens were off during the chase. One suspect was taken into custody. Police looking for two others. Story developing

Photo Credits :Amir Brandy

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