On February 23, 2022, a federal grand jury indicted 51-year-old Terrence Gleason for multiple counts of robbery and weapon charges.

Gleason is accused of robbing several area QuikTrip stores while armed with a semi-automatic pistol.

According to the indictment, beginning on December 5, 2021, and ending on December 12, 2021, Gleason is accused of robbing the following QuikTrip locations while brandishing or indicating he had a firearm:

QuikTrip located at 9099 Natural Bridge (three separate times)
QuikTrip located at 5909 Howdershell
QuikTrip located at 11150 St. Charles Rock Road

There hasn’t been any mention if Gleason has been given a bond.

Gleason is currently being held in the St. Louis County Jail on unrelated charges.