A 14-year-old teenage boy who was hosting a party at a Downtown loft is now in some hot water.

The incident occurred near the 1200 block of Washington Ave in Downtown St. Louis at the Bogan Lofts. Shortly before 1:30am police were alerted to the scene after an argument turned violent.

The teen’s parent rented the loft for him however at some point he got into an argument with another person and pulled out a gun. The pair fough over the gun and the 14-year-old ended up getting shot in the hand.

A 14-year-old girl, who attended the party, was hit by gunfire in her foot. She was taken to a local hospital however her status in unknown.

The teen who hosted the party went outside to alert the police as to what had happened and after a brief investigation, the police had determined he was the one responsible. He was arrested and reprimanded to the juvenile court system.