Last week, Mayor Jones made an announcement that critical mortgage and rental assistance would end on July 1.

In order to continue these critical services through the month of July, Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed is requesting that the City of St. Louis encumbers $100,000 in funds to cover rental and mortgage assistance services provided by the United Way, the Urban League of St. Louis, and any other service provider with a current contract for services that extends past June 30, previously funded by CARES Act funds that is set to expire on June 30.

β€œThis move does not require legislation or any other sign off. Right now, we can take immediate actlon to cover the costs of these needed services by using unspent funds in this current fiscal year to cover the costs of continuing these services through July. This will prevent any stoppage In essential services to our residents,” said Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed.

The City of St. Louis has funds available in our current year’s budget that we can encumber to be expended in July. This will allow for another month of these services to continue, and allow residents to stay in their homes and receive other critical services.