The video that you see below was just a brief video of the amazing time I had last night. Prior to the unexpected shootings that happened. The Normandy bonfire was full of joy, delicious foods, black owned business, an overall fantastic experience. Shameful that stuff like this put an negative stigma on amazing events. I’m writing this to create open and honest dialogue with each other. We are living in a war zone.
Have we become desensitized to these unbearable conditions? Furthermore know that complaining without solution is problematic. At age 30 I’m stuck between two generations and feel like I can relate to both era’s. A few things that stick out to me is the culture of the youth. Angry, misunderstood, and undervalued. What can we do to save these children making adult decisions.
During my livestream yesterday I seen numerous comments mentioning the culture of rap and how it stimulates violence. Although there are major issues such as poverty, crime, corruption,  social injustices, disparity in the education system, and undiagnosed mental health issues plaguing us. We have to learn how to take accountability for our actions. Before anyone mentions that the community doesn’t want to engage with local law enforcement did anybody every question why?
Witnesses on our side of town don’t get the proper protection to even make it to trial sometimes. It’s not that people don’t want to tell on the bad guys they are afraid.  Perception is a dangerous tool. My question of the day is how do we perceive each other? Do we fear each other? Do we still love each other? Where is the unity? Please weigh in with your thoughts and solutions.