The team of RSTLN loves the youth, especially their drive to leave a positive mark on this earth.

Today we salute Randy Canaday.

Randy is a 15 year old boxer. He has won many boxing matches that have lead him to catch the eyes of many across the country. This 10th grader who is said to be an awesome big brother, makes sure his studies come before everything to keep his B average.

Randy also plays point guard for the Northwest High School basketball team. Talent just oozes out of this young man. Every morning he jogs to his bus stop to make sure he starts the day feeling good and energized.

He and his father try often to push other teens and local rappers to step into the ring to stop the violence and do something more productive.

Shy yet full of life, Randy is on his way to be greater than what he is.

Everyone please join us in wishing Randy lots of future success!