It’s no surprise  that St.Louis has some of the most creative people in the country.  Especially when it comes to all genres of music. Although we have some dope artist’s locally its extremely difficult to get the exposure. Traditional radio is oversaturated and bias when it comes to music. That is why REAL STL MUSIC will be launching the spring of 2020. Our mission is to provide artists a platform to further their careers by offering a central market to share their work globally. Furthermore, we strive to grow to be the premier music hub for St. Louis, Mo and surrounding areas. We have a dope music scene and it’s time we get our shine on by supporting one another. Listed in this article we have a few local artists that are making noise and changing the game in the lou. If you would like to have your talents showcased on Real Stl Music and Real Stl News submit your music to 

1.Phoînix Keyz is a force to be reckoned with. The 21-year-old St. Louis native has been working since he was 12 years old to be a triple threat, honing his skills of singing, dancing, & playing 6 instruments (piano, guitar, saxophone, bass, drums, & organ). He struck his first deal at 20 years old and signed on his 21st birthday to Hundreds Entertainment based out of Los Angeles, California. You can reach him on Facebook and IG at Phoînix Keyz . Don’t forget to subscribe to his youtube channel.


2. Ricki Gee St Louis rapper/singer “Ricki G” born Ricki Glass has grown to be one of our favorite Midwest MC’s. In May 2017, Ricki G released his studio debut album “All of Me”, which broke into our Rap/Hip Hop charts independently. His release was deemed as a underground success with rave reviews & positive feedback from many critics. You can stay in touch with Ricki on his IG rickig4real and Ricki Gee on Facebook.

3. Ciera Danyel is a vocalist who was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. She studied Classical, Pop, and Gospel styles at Columbia College Chicago where she received her B. A. in vocal performance. She has spent the last few years in Los Angeles, CA,  perusing her artistic career. In 2018 she was featured on the 13th season of America’s Got Talent, along with the Orange County School of Music & Dance. She has most recently returned home to reconnect with her roots and is proud to be listed as a company member in the TLT Production: CHASING WATERFALLS. You can keep in touch with her on IG at ciera_danyel and Ciera Songstress Marcano on Facebook

4. Born Jeffrey Terrell Dean, the Midwest rapper affectionately known as Bo Dean hails from Hazelwood Mo. Just north of St. Louis. Bo’s passion for rap started at the age of twelve when he bought his first rap album, entitled “ Big Willie.” By Will Smith. Coming from a lineage of scholars and educators, Bo continued his education at Harris Stowe State University. After receiving his degree in English Education, Bo followed his family’s legacy and became an educator. Schoolteacher by day and emcee by night. Bo Dean’s hard work and dedication got him nominated for three (3) Slum Fest Awards In 2014. Artist of the Year, Album of the Year and Best Male Hip Hop Artist of the Year, winning the latter. You can follow him on IG at bovemberdean and Jeffrey Bo Dean on Facebook