According to 2018 statistic St.Louis, Mo was ranked the 5th place to eat in the country. Rather it be our savory barbeque, appetizing vegan meals, or mouthwatering pasta. One thing is for certain! We put the S in SEAFOOD. During REAL STL NEWS history we sat down and interviewed several local seafood business owners. From the excellent customer service to the delicious food we decided to compose a brief list of St.Louis seafood spots that we visited.

1. Cluster Busters is located at 3636 Page Blvd, St.Louis, Mo 63113. Known for it’s delicious crab legs. It’s a conglomerate of entrees on the menu that makes this establishment a must! When people mention Cluster Busters they often mention their jumbo shrimp, seafood mac and cheese, and ultimate seafood platter. Yummy in my tummy!


Here is our interview and taste test with Cluster Buster Business Owner


2. Krab Kingz captures the southern flavor in more than one way. From the southern like hospitality to their explosive flavored seafood you can’t go wrong. Delicious would certainly be an understatement.  Krab Kingz has several locations to accommodate their restaurant goers. Locations include

  1. 5860 Delmar Blvd, St Louis,  Mo 63112
  2. 7740 Watson Rd, St.Louis, Mo, 63119,
  3. 8021 West Florissant, St.Louis, Mo, 63136


Here is our interview and taste test with Krab Kingz Business Owner

3. Crushed Velvet is the perfect spot downtown to enjoy the beautiful scenery . Located at 1317 Washington St, St. Louis, Mo, 63103. Although they are located in St.Louis they specialize in Flordia style seafood. Food was seasoned to perfection! Not afraid to try something different swing by and try their fried lobster tail.


Comment below and let us know where is your favorite seafood restaurant.