A coach that apparently cared too much for his players was fired from Roosevelt High School Wednesday evening.

School officials say that Porter violated school policies by following football players on social media. Coach Porter is the same coach RSTLN showed gratitude for last month for the way he helped his players battle a shooting that took place outside a jamboree.

Hundreds of students were in the area of the Jamboree that took place at Soldan High when an 8-year-old was shot and killed nearby. Coach Porter took to his social media that night to inform everyone about how something so tragic could affect the players so instead of the normal practice, he would be addressing their mental health the next school day.

Two of his players were injured that horrific night so assuring they were safe became top priority.

Players looked at Coach Porter as a father figure and someone they could trust. He helped the players to stay on the right path and focused because not only did he love on them on the field, but he followed them on social media to keep them encouraged and out of any conflicts that could come about.

Roosevelt High Coach Porter violated school policy with the social media following, though the students were okay with him being there.

Porter doesn’t regret what he did to keep his players safe and would do it again if need be.