After being struck by a St. Louis County Police Officer who was chasing a car without any emergency lights, 12-year-old Akeelah ‘Kee Kee’ Jackson was rushed to a nearby hospital almost a half hour later with life threatening wounds.Doctors had to tell Jackson’s family, ‘There’s nothing we can do’ for her after trying for hours to see her through.

According to family members, doctors say Jackson, the always smiling straight A student, could pass away from her injuries.

Jackson’s pelvic bones, legs and wrists were completely shattered and broken apart by the impact, which led to internal bleeding. Doctors say due to the impact, she has a brain injury.

RSTLN supporters, we all may not always agree, but let’s come together on this post and send out positive vibes.. whoever you pray to, please stop what you’re doing this very second and pray that Akeelah beats the odds and pull through this tragedy! We need her here! Her family needs her here the most!

Please send your positive vibes to Akeelah and her family