Optimistic Theory provides occupational therapy services and solutions to occupational beings who are experiencing changes in function, disruption in performance, and more in everyday life.

We’re all occupational beings who want to do, need to do, and are expected to do many things each day. If you or your organization is facing a barrier, challenge or demand that makes it harder to engage in meaningful, everyday activity, meet with Dr. Brittany Conners to explore creative, yet functional solutions to promote enhanced quality of life, participation, and engagement. 

Whether it be a personal transition, a family member experiencing difficulty in tasks that were once automatic, or aspirations to develop new habits, roles, and routines in a company, Optimistic Theory can help!

With services like individualized assessments, activity analysis, consultations, evaluations, interventions, and recommendations, we’re confident in your ability to reach the goals and level of function you desire with our support. 

Contact: Phone: 314-952-2497