In an effort to free up the police department to focus on crime in St. Louis city neighborhoods, the Missouri Highway Patrol will be assisting local officers with the crazies of the highways.

The police department is extremely shorthanded to the point just this past Sunday, several districts had only 5-7 patrol cars out due to lack of officers being available. Multiple officers are suspended or facing charges and a few are behind a desk due to behavorial issues.

The 911 dispatchers are overworked and underpaid. St. Louis dispatchers have a starting pay of $995 every two weeks while other municipaities start their dispatchers at $20+ an hour along with benefits that assist with their mental health due to some of the traumatizing calls they receive. They are allegedly working overtime to handle the countless calls coming in yet don’t have too many officers to handle them.

Dispatchers are allegedly harrassed and talked bad to by some police officers and dispatchers who are no longer employed by the department say they feared for their lives daily due to officers who were in trouble being placed where in their workspace.

One former dispatcher who wants to remain anonymous told RSTLN that the officers who are being reprimanded are allowed to keep their service weapons, then placed into 911 operators’ work environment while upset which causes tension in the air. The dispatcher told RSTLN that there is so a lot of racism and favortism within the force that causes a divide.

They stated that there is more of an urge to protect the downtown area and white neighborhoods then it is the black neighborhoods.

Former St. Louis Police Officers have told RSTLN that yes it is true that the “police are a gang and stand up for each other regardless of the situation.” One officer stated that there is “one veteran officer on the force who is well known in predominately black neighborhoods in the early 2000s who was on drug dealers’ payrolls.” He would allegedly perform kick ins to the homes of known drug dealers, take money, split it with his team and leave like nothing ever happened. That same officer is said to have allegedly planted drugs on people if he did not get the respect he felt he was entitled to in these same neighborhoods he worked in.

All this is said to point out that bringing in more law enforcement doesn’t help when majority of the current officers are trash, along with the lack of transparency from the force. The city can bring in 100 more law enforcement officials but it doesn’t help if majority of them same people are criminals themselves!