You like to buy and purchase Jordans, Air Max’s, Foam’s and etc…

Why not purchase a couple shares in the Nike company so you are putting money back into your pockets.

You feel like the President of the United States is going to send us to war. Why not invest in American Defense Companies such as Boeing Company, Raytheon Company, and BAE Systems.

You pay utilities every month? Buy a couple shares with the company so when you pay your bill, your paying yourself.

Although there are 2 different type of stocks.

Aggressive Stock growth is a mutual fund investment objective that seeks high capital gain and potential among growth stocks, which are stock of companies which are expected to grow at a rapid rate.

Long term stocks are investments accounts on the asset side of a company’s balance sheet that represents the company’s investments, including stocks, bonds, real estate, and cash, that intends to hold for a year.

You can open up an account through Ameritrade for as little as $50 dollars and also set up an custodial account for your children.

Its time we start generating Generational Wealth for our children.

Research your options first, get guidance if needed.