Every year so many children die after accidentally shooting themselves with loaded guns that are either laying around or they just happen to find. One local group is stepping up to try to change those high numbers so our babies can grow up.

Though police departments give gun locks out for free, sometimes we need others to give a hand.

‘Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice’ will be giving out free gun locks at two events, with one starting in an hour. From 10am to 2pm, people can go to Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church Community Fair or from 12pm to 4pm people can go to the South Grand Fall Fest to pick up a free gunlock.

Protect your family from outsiders but protect them inside as well.

In 2018 alone there were at least 74 kids who died to self inflicted wounds from unlocked guns being near them. At least 7-8 children everyday are shot by a gun that did not have a lock on it. Please do this for your babies.

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