The Loop Trolley project which cost around $52 million to build may be coming to a halt if the agency behind it does not come up with $700,000 by December.

When the announcement was first made about the trolley coming, some St. Louis people were excited, but when construction took longer than expected, many people stopped checking for it. The first ride came 6 years after the scheduled time the trolley was to start operating, then permit issues followed.

The project has left a bad taste in some peoples’ mouths after their vehicles were struck by trolley cars causing anywhere from hundreds to thousands in damages.

Now, another issue has come about. Nobody is riding, which means no money is coming in.

The federal government put over $32 million behind this trolley being built. That money could have went to fund necessary resources needed for our youth, housing development and or the less fortunate instead of building something that takes up city streets that are already crowded.

The agency that runs the trolley reached out to St. Louis County for help with keeping it afloat, but if funding doesn’t flow in, the Loop Trolley may be headed out… for good.