I know the title may seem confusing but it’s true. The average pair of Jordan’s cost anywhere from $70-200.00. To create a Limited Liability Company in Missouri the average cost is $51.75 to register online. A website on GoDaddy.com can range from $8-15.00 a month. Marketing and branding on social media are absolutely free.

When we speak on the current issues plaguing our communities the main issue is poverty.
Although there are conglomerate factors that make up our root issues what is to blame when information is free and plentiful. Systematic racism, inadequate healthcare, failing education system, or parenting? If we want to change or conditions we must be in power of building and creating wealth within our communities. The African American dollar only circulate 6 hours within our communities.

Sustainability is needed to overcome our current plight. Listed below are links need to get the process going.

To register your business click the link https://www.sos.mo.gov/business/outreach/starting_steps

To obtain your business EIN number  which is your Employer Identification Number also known as your business social click the link https://www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed/employer-id-numbers

To purchase on your domain name and begin building on your website go to www.godaddy.com

If you need any additional help email BusinessSolutions314@gmail.com