Local Rapper Chingy has recently taken social media by surprise with his new video  ” Just like that.” Accumulating over 100k views in 24 hours but also faced harsh criticism. Chingy is known for being a multi-platinum artist. His first debut album Jackpot  was released on July 15, 2003, and sold 3 million copies. During that time he was signed with Disturbing Tha Peace record label. He is now an independent artist and touring. He took to his Instagram to address the harsh comments and criticism he is receiving on social media. He states that he won’t let the negative comments stop his progression.

St. Louis is known for having a plethora amount of talent.  Last year in an exclusive interview with Sham with the Trak Starz he explained that going platinum was more difficult prior to the YouTube era. Trak Starz was known for being a duo power force behind Chingy multi-platinum album Jackpot.  He also elaborated on the importance of streaming and creating creative content. Real Stl News will be launching a music division strictly for the artists. If you have music you can submit it now to Realstlmusic@gmail.com. Take a listen to  Chingy new video comment and let us know what you think.