A Georgia elementary school is facing backlash after displaying what it said were “appropriate” and “inappropriate” hairstyles for black students.

The poster caught the eye of a student’s parent after it was displayed at Narvie Harris Elementary in Decatur. She shared a photo of the poster with her hairstylist, Danay Wadlington, who posted it on Facebook.

“Hair is a form of self-expression, shouldn’t be a right or wrong way,” she wrote alongside the photo.

“It wouldn’t have looked so bad if they had included other races,” Wadlington told the New York Times. “Those styles are very popular styles. Who says that our hair is not professional? Our hair is part of us.”

The school has since taken down the poster, the DeKalb County School District told CNN, adding that the incident was a “miscommunication relating to appearance rules at the school.”

“Once the district was made aware of the poster, it was immediately removed,” the district told CNN in a statement. “In addition, a letter was sent to parents clarifying the school’s dress code and appearance policy.”

The district’s dress code makes no mention of hairstyles.

States including California, New York, and New Jersey have introduced anti-discrimination legislation to protect individuals from being persecuted for their hairstyles.

Ellen Cranley/insider.com